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 Shelbyville Church of Christ

Where Love Rules and Christ Reigns


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Let Pure Waters Flow

This Week's Bulletin

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Our Mission Statement  

1.   As individual Christians, as a congregation of Godís children, and as a brotherhood of believers we exist for the glory of God and thus all that we do, say, or think must be to His honor and to His glory.

2.   As individual Christians and as a congregation we will be alert for and seek opportunities to proclaim the saving message of the gospel of Jesus the Christ in such a way that people will joyfully accept it, obey it, and have their lives transformed by it.   

3.   When a person places his or her faith in Jesus the Christ and obeys His gospel we will draw him into a warm, welcoming fellowship of love for God and for one another which will provide for his spiritual needs and cause him to mature into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ

4.   Each member will assist every other member in finding his or her unique function in the body of Christ and help each member to develop his function to the fullest benefit of the body, the church.

5.   In addition to ongoing intercessory prayers, each member of our church family will love, will encourage and will support every other member as we both individually and collectively strive to overcome the influence of the world and the temptations of the evil one.


Last Updated  on 05/14/2017